Fire Rating Information

Fire Rating

Fire rating typical is not required for residential applications. Fire rated products are typical called for when installing products in a commercial type project.

Due to fire codes varying by city, we strongly recommend provided the below technique information to the fire marshal for his/her review before purchasing.


Flame Control -Topically Treated
Fire Tested Foam - Impregnated Polyurethane  
Flame Control 60-60A is a 15-Minute Thermal Barrier for Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation.  A water-based,
low VOC, intumescent latex paint, 60-60A has been tested to NFPA 286 test standards and has been approved
for use on spray foam insulation. Flame Control 60-60A is suitable for use in inhabited (occupied) spaces where
spray foam insulation must be coated with a thermalbarrier per the IBC.
Our 6022-7.5 polyurethane foam has been submited and reviewed by the ASTM E84-90 test.
The report and findings can be found in the below clickable image.
 Image for downloading 60/60a

 6022.7.5 Fire Testing Informaton

.Products that are treated in 60/60A are, but not limited to:       Products that fall under this catagory are:
Quickship and Premium Finished Faux Beams, Custom Faux Beams, QuickShip Corbels and Premium Finish Corbels. Please contact us for full details.
      Pecky & Clear Cypress Panels, Faux Wood Interlocking Panels, Faux Brick and Stone Panels. Other products can be requested to be made out of this product. Please contact us for details.