Cathedral Ceiling Installation

Cathedral Ceiling Beam Installation

Step 1

1. Measure the hollow section of the faux beam.

Step 2

2. Cut a block of wood to fit within the valley of the decorative beam.

Step 3

3. Option - To prevent splitting, pre-drill the blocks of wood for the screws.

Step 4

4. Mount the blocks with screws to the ceiling.

Step 5

5. A secondary block most likely will be needed in order to secure the beam to the ceiling.

Step 6

6. Place painters tap outside of the blocks to mark their location.

Step 7

7. If needed, cut beams to the desired length. Hand or electrical saws will work fine. If using a circular saw, we recommend using a blade with 80 teeth or greater.

Step 8

8. Slide the beam over the mounting blocks.

Step 9

9. Nail or screw though the side of the beam into the mounting blocks.

Step 10

10. If needed, cover the screw or nail heads with wood filler and use touchup stain.

*It is always advised to consult local building codes prior to installation.