10 Amazing Design Ideas for Faux Beams

February 1, 2018 12:39:00 PM EST

1. Add a Touch of Class to Your Master Bath:

Many homeowners today are finding that what’s old is new again, and they’re integrating features into their home to showcase this—think reclaimed wood floors and antique furniture. This is particularly true of bathrooms. Clawfoot tubs have made a resurgence, even replacing sleek and modern jetted tubs in newly constructed homes. Antique vanities that have been refinished are in vogue, while many manufacturers are offering vanities, cabinets and shelving in old-fashioned styles. But what adds the perfect finishing touch? Faux wood beams. Select a style with rustic flair that adds a little extra punch to your master bathroom. What’s great about faux wood is that you get the look of exposed beams without the warping that would occur with real wood when exposed to moisture.

2. Accent the Soaring Ceilings in Your Family Room

High ceilings are beautiful and really make a room feel more open and look much larger. However, you have to admit, that’s a lot of empty space just going to waste. Dress up your ceilings and make the most use of this space with the addition of faux beams. With so many styles, textures, and colors, there’s truly something for everyone. Have a more modern space? Choose a modern, sleek finish like cherry to really make your ceilings stand out. Favor a more traditional style? Opt for a rustic, aged look. You’ll add a beautiful accent without spending a fortune—and no one will be able to tell the difference!

3. Highlight Your Skylights

Skylights are beautiful on their own and add natural light to any room, but skylights can look even better with the addition of wood beams. Depending on how the skylights are arranged will determine your design options, but with faux beams, the sky’s the limit. Use one wood beam down the center of your ceiling or choose several to accent your vaulted ceilings with skylights. These easy-to-install and affordable beams open up design opportunities you never thought possible.

4. Transition Seamlessly from Room to Room

Many homes today feature open floorplans, which are great for entertaining, but sometimes, you may feel like you’re just living in one big room. Use faux beams to section off rooms as one ends and the other begins. You’ll still be able to enjoy your open floorplan, but the beams are a great way to section off your home while providing a durable, beautiful accent.

5. Warm Up Your Home Office

A home office is often a room of the house that gets used very often, but sometimes, this room can feel a little sterile and cold. Add some personality and warm up the room with the addition of wood beams. Choose a finish that matches or accents your floors or furniture to create a homey space that will make your workday more enjoyable.

6. Mix Textures to Create a Masterpiece

One of the greatest things about faux beams are that they work in any room. With the right faux wood beams, you can transform any space, regardless of the wall color, furniture finishes, or design. Faux wood beautifully accents other materials and textures. Have a tiled ceiling in your kitchen? Use wood beams to add a unique touch without spending a fortune.

7. Modernize Your Basement

A finished basement is always a great thing to have in your home. It gives you additional space for an in-law suite, family room, home movie theater, man cave, or game room. Sometimes, though, a finished basement may seem a little lacking when it comes to design. Even new carpet and paint can leave something to the imagination. Make your basement space as beautiful as the rest of your living space with the addition of faux beams. This is an easy and affordable way to warm up a basement and really make it feel like home.

8. Low Ceilings? Faux Beams Will Work for You, Too! Are your ceilings too low, or perhaps you just don’t seem to have enough space to install wood beams? That’s no problem. Faux beams can be used in other ways. For example, using beams is a great way to accent a doorway. Whether you already have an open doorway or you remove a set of French doors to create a more open and beautiful space, faux beams can be used to accent and add a touch of class to any room.

9. Take Your Ideas Outdoors

Another great feature of faux wood beams? Many can be used outdoors! Install them on your porch, patio, or even your poolside outdoor kitchen. Faux beams are a great way to improve your outdoor living space without having to worry about the beams warping or becoming damaged by insects. Always, remember, though, to check the specifications of your beams to ensure that they can be exposed to the elements.

10. Use Faux Beams for Your Lighting

Whether you have a basic pendant light in your kitchen or a chandelier that’s the focus of your dining room, you can dress up any lighting fixture with the use of faux beams. Instead of simply hanging your light from the ceiling, make it stand out by installing it with a faux wood beam. You’ll be amazed at how this little trick can give your whole room a more updated look.

These 10 ideas highlight just a few of the ways you can use faux beams in your home, office or business. With their lightweight and durable design, you have more options than ever when it comes to installing beams. Different textures and colors complement any room, giving you a more updated look without the hassle or expense of real wood beams. Now, use your imagination and think of how many ways you can dress up your home with faux beams.

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