Choosing the Right Faux Beams for Your Home

April 30, 2018 9:44:00 AM EDT

Choosing the Right Faux Beams for Your Home


It’s not uncommon to want to change up the look of your home. Even if your house was simply perfect when you bought it, over time it’s normal to want to change up the look of its interior, whether you’re updating an outdated space or you just want to follow the latest design trend. One of the hottest trends in interior design today? Faux beams. The beautiful look of wood adds a tasteful touch to any home, whether your style is modern, casual, farmhouse-rustic or somewhere in between. Faux beams are becoming a top choice among savvy homeowners because while they look like the real thing, they’re more affordable, durable, resistant to warping and bugs, and no contractor is needed for installation. What could be better?

If you’re already sold on the idea of faux wood beams, great! But deciding to dress up your space this way is just the first step. Now, it’s time to figure out which faux beams will work best in your home. After all, you have hundreds of styles, colors and textures to choose from. While it’s great to have choices, sometimes too many choices can just be too overwhelming. However, these quick tips can help you narrow down your selection, ensuring you pick the perfect product for your home.


Consider the Other Wood in Your Home

Faux beams are designed to simulate all different types and colors of wood. Before you make your decision, consider other wood in your home, including real exposed beams and trim. You want your new beams to complement—not clash with—your existing wood.

Want to Get the Most Use? Go with Traditional

Some styles and colors are very stylish, and they may even coordinate beautifully with your current room colors and design. However, if you’re one that chooses to redecorate often by changing your paint colors, furnishings, and other aspects of your home, you may want to style with traditional styles and colors that go with just about everything.

Choose the Right Size

You’ve found the perfect finish, and now you’re ready to install. But your new beams won’t work for your space because you didn’t consider the measurements first! Don’t let this blunder delay your DIY project. Make sure that you properly measure your ceilings to ensure you buy the right size beams for your home. Faux beams can be cut to size, so if they’re too long, don’t worry—it’s a quick and easy fix. Ensure that you check the dimensions of each beam before ordering so that they’re the perfect size. Can’t find the right size from our Quick Ship products? We offer custom beams to fit any space


Faux beams are a great way to add more life to your home without spending a fortune—and yes, you can completely do it by yourself, no experience required. However, before investing your time and money in these quality products, make sure that you buy the right product for your home. 


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