How Ceiling Beams Can Improve Your Home Appearance

April 20, 2018 1:26:08 AM EDT

Home renovations are an ideal way to spice up your home’s look and bump up its overall value. Depending on the style of your home, incorporating distinctly styled faux beams could be the right move for creating a particular aesthetic and shifting the look of your home or work space. Here’s how ceiling beam accents can improve your home’s appearance.

Make Art of Ceiling Space

Tall, open ceilings can make a room look expansive, large, and perhaps a bit unwelcoming. Larger, open ceilings can immediately feel warmer and more welcoming through incorporating the right style of ceiling beams into the space instead. Make more out of that open ceiling space and tap even further into the style theme of a space by choosing the beams that are best-suited for your home or workplace aesthetic.

Rustic, Earthy

There’s something warm and inviting about rooms with tall, sweeping ceilings and rustic, earthy beams incorporated into the style. If you’re trying to create a sophisticated ranch house or mountain cabin style inside of your home, then ceiling beams are a great way to bring that rustic, earthy feeling into a space in a way that’s also classy. Or, if you're trying to recreate a villa on the beach, a faux beam ceiling can be the finishing touch on a home perfectly balanced between earthy and sophisticated.

It All Comes Down to Theme

Artfully placed ceiling beams and trusses can come together to enrich a variety of spaces and styles. From the laid-back chic of a sandy beach house to the country cottage villa of a Southern California scenic home, the glamour really is in the details. Dig in to your home’s style and discover what faux beam ceiling designs and options can enhance your look effectively.

Discover how faux beams and ceiling trusses can be incorporated into your home or business to create the perfect look.

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