Truss Design: A New Trend in Home Décor

April 24, 2018 12:28:28 AM EDT

Home décor is always shifting, and one elegant interior design renovation you may want to consider is the use of faux trusses in your home. If you aren’t feeling convinced yet, here are a series of truss design and style ideas that you could potentially choose to give a touch of class to your home’s interior.

Wood Type and Finish, for Versatility

Trusses are meant to be adaptable to the particular color and aesthetic scheme of a room. Being able to choose the wood type and finish that’s just right can make all the difference in how well decorative trusses seamlessly adapt to a room. Or perhaps you prefer trusses painted a specific color, like white or black? Wood type and finish give you so much flexibility in the trusses you choose and how they’ll change the look of a space.

Ceiling truss

A Range of Designs

Trusses aren’t all the same. Nuances in the style, from the curve of a beam to the basic shape—triangular, rectangular, minimal, or full—all of these aspects of the truss design can impact how it will look within a set space. Are you looking for a fuller expression of a certain type of look? Do you want to bring out the country cottage elegance of a large kitchen space? Are you trying to add the perfect accents to a minimalistic, modern space? The right truss design for those high ceilings can help bring about your ideal creative vision for a space. Shape and style make all the difference.

Consultations Are Key

If you’re unsure of how to proceed in terms of style and design, it may be time to find the right consultant to help guide you through the design and installation process. They’ll be able to provide style advice and give you tangible examples of how their previous work has fared, so you can get a clear idea of how your project will progress and what the final results will look like before you begin in your faux trusses project.

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