Upgrade Your Business with Faux Beams

April 5, 2018 9:35:41 AM EDT


Is your office feeling a little lackluster? Maybe you’ve tried changing the flooring or painting and you’re still not happy with the look and feel of your business. Maybe you haven’t tried anything at all because you don’t know where to start or you just don’t want to throw thousands of dollars away to update your space. Does your space feel like it’s missing something? Or perhaps you just want to create a more welcoming space for your employees or customers. If this sounds like a typical day at the office for you, there’s a way that you can take your office from blah to beautiful. Sound good? It gets even better. What if this addition is something that could be completed in a weekend, won’t cost thousands and could even be something you do yourself? No, you’re not dreaming. You’re learning about what faux beams can do for your office.

Faux beams are an affordable, durable alternative to real wood. You can use faux beams to create a custom look without spending a fortune. Still not sold? Here’s why you should consider installing faux beams in your office or place of business.

Update Your Waiting Space

Faux Beams and Faux Wood Planks

Do you have a waiting area for customers and clients, but it’s a little too boring? Why not impress your customers from the minute they set foot in your door with the installation of faux beams? Faux beams add a warmth that you just can’t achieve with other improvements, not to mention it looks expensive without the hefty price tag. Install a few beams that complement the room, or go all out with the installation of faux planks and wood beams in a coordinating color. Decorate your doorways with faux wood beams that provide an elegant transition from room to room. Whether you choose to keep it simple or create a completely custom look, faux beams allow you to create any style with ease.

Revive Your Restaurant with Faux Wood

Brio Restaurant Faux Beams  Brio Arch Faux Wood Beams

No matter how good the food is at your restaurant, many customers want a warm, inviting place to relax with friends or family. How can you achieve this without completely shutting down your business to remodel? With faux wood, of course. Install beautiful beams or take your design to the next level with exposed trusses and decorative details. With just one weekend of installation, you’ll be able to make your business the hottest spot in town.

Make Your Office Feel Like Home, Not Like Prison

Your own personal office is where you probably spend most of your day, so why spend your work hours in a cold, impersonal space that feels more like a prison cell than your own space? Faux wood beams can be used to easily enhance your space, giving it a feel that’s more like home. If you have to spend so much time at the office, why not make it more enjoyable and relaxing by enhancing your surroundings?

Don’t Forget About the Exterior

Faux Wood Trellis

Make your building stand out among the rest with the installation of faux beams outside of your office. You can also consider other products including shutters, corbels and logs to fully customize your business—all at a price that’s right for you.


With faux wood beams, accessories and our other products, you can personalize your office in any way imaginable. Custom beams are also available to match your exact specifications. With faux wood beams and products, the sky’s the limit at transforming any space.



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